California Helping Hands Foundation   8865 Balboa Ave Suite G San Diego,CA92123   (858) 430-6332
California Helping Hands Foundation
8865 Balboa Ave Suite G
San DiegoCA 92123
 (858) 430-6332

Past Events

Shout out to Beta Foster Care! With their partnership we were able to send several families to the Angels vs. Devil Rays game on May 19th! Remember that these activities are only possible with the help of people like you! The impact on these children's lives is significant!

Thank you for your help and support in sponsoring our foster children in San Diego County. Your kind donation is the only funding we receive that allows us to take our wonderful children and their foster parents to events like this. We truly appreciate your contribution and support. Due to your donations, 40 children were able to experience the Padres vs the Mets!Unfortunately, since many foster children are removed from abusive and destructive situations, pictures were not allowed to be taken of our children during the event to ensure their safety and protection.

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